Speaker’s Night Topic a “Must Learn” Opportunity


Our upcoming talk was identified as a “Must Learn” opportunity in the most the recent issue of “IN THE HILLS” magazine.

You can’t live in Headwaters without having an opinion about deer. You worry about them crossing the road. You love seeing them run across open fields. Or maybe you fret about your gardens or farmland – aka your local deer family’s favourite salad bar – and wonder when hunting season begins.
If you’d like to learn more about the species we share our space with, head to the Upper Credit Field Naturalists speaker’s night on Tuesday, March 29 for Deer Biology and Management in the Headwaters Region. Biologist Graham Findlay from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry will share the basics on the creatures and what goes into managing them in our area. The talk is free and takes place at the Orangeville Seniors’ Centre at 7:30 p.m. uppercreditfieldnaturalists.org

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1 thought on “Speaker’s Night Topic a “Must Learn” Opportunity

  1. Bernie Rochon

    I am in charge of finding speakers for the Rotary club of Palgrave. I noticed in the MUSTdo page of the In The Hills magazine, the column about Deer Biology and Management by Graham Findlay. I don’t know if you allow to give out information on your speakers but we would like to get in touch with Mr Findlay to see if he would be interested in talking to our club.
    In looking at your site I also noticed a few other speakers that we might be interested in. Please let me know if information on these speakers would be available so that we may get in touch with them. It would be much appreciated. Best regards. Bernie


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