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Low-resolution time-lapse of the emergence of a Swift River Cruiser dragonfly, Beech Lake, near Carnarvon, Ontario. I took 1 frame every 10 seconds, and there are Just over 1000 frames in this movie (i.e., what you’re seeing here took place over 2 ¾ hours!) I have a second time-lapse that follows this, showing the wings hardening and being exercised — and suddenly, whoosh! …

This is not a fancy movie taken under controlled conditions in a studio;  this is actually as this marvellous event took place on the ‘wild’ of a cottage deck.


Northern River Otter Tracks

Northern River Otter tracks,  showing characteristic crescent pattern  (photo by Hart Brasche)
UCFNC Oregon Cycnia moth on butterfly trip IMG_9242

Oregon Cycnia moth     (photo by Mark Whitcombe)


Beetle, possibly a chrysomelid leaf beetle

Beetle, possibly a chrysomelid leaf beetle  (Photo by Mark Whitcombe)

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  1. Susan Gesner

    I’m just curious about who is currently the Chair of the group. I am doing some work for the Town of Caledon relating to rehabilitation of gravel pits and I would like a contact person.

  2. Dave Stevenson

    My friend and I are interested in attending your January 31 2017 talk about the Bruce trail.
    Do we need to reserve a spot or can we just show up.

    1. admin

      Just show up — and introduce yourselves!

      (You’d be most welcome to join our small club … Or to buy a 50/50 ticket … Or buy some of our excellent home-made goodies to eat …)


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