The club produces a quarterly newsletter, The Bluebird, which contains club news, details of upcoming speakers and field trips, and articles on wildlife and the environment.

By clicking on the link below you will see a sample of a past issue of the newsletter. (Members get four newsletters each year.)

UCFNC Bluebird July 2014 web

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Syrphid Hover Fly feeding on a Scarlet Pimpernel

Syrphid Hover Fly feeding on a Scarlet Pimpernel   (photo by Mark Whitcombe)

4 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Liz Hansman

    Sorry to have missed your field trips and speakers this past year. Hope to be able to join in Sept 2017.

    1. Mark Whitcombe Post author

      We’ll be updating the website and calendar shortly with next year’s speaker and with the field trips for the rest of this summer. Looking forward to having you join us in the fall!

  2. Jeremy Jenkins

    Mark; Sorry to contact you directly, but I cannot find any link for contacting this UCFN site. It mentions that you have a Christmas bird count. When is this? Do you need anyone to volunteer to help with this count?
    How do I contact anyone at UCFN ?
    Thanks for your reply in case you get this message.

    1. Mark Whitcombe Post author

      We’ll shortly be updating the website with details of our Christmas Bird Count — and we’ll contact you directly. I’d appreciate it if you’d accompany me on the route that I’m taking over from Caledon east to Airport Road and south!


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